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Granola Woman

You too can be a granola woman!

You, too, can be a Granola Woman
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Granola woman is a term I've used since my first year of college when a girl said "You are such a granola woman" to me and I loved the idea - even though she meant it as an insult!

What is a granola woman?

She is hippyish without being flakey.
She eats well and gets exercise not because she's supposed to but because it's fun.
She enjoys being outdoors.
She doesn't eat tons of processed foods - she makes things on her own.
She enjoys making things and being creative.
She enjoys learning new things.
She feel a close relationship with the natural world.
She doesn't feel guilty for who she is or because she doesn't meet society's expectations of what she should be.

Being a granola woman is about being natural and feeling natural. It's about loving yourself and the natural world. That doesn't mean granola women don't wear makeup or fancy clothes. Whatever makes you feel natural is what a granola woman is.

Do you want to be a granola woman, too? Then join up!

Ideas for things to post:
Granola woman experiences
Pics of you feeling like a granola woman
Tips on green living, domestics, child-rearing, gardening, outdoors, spirituality, etc
Ideas for how to be more "granola-like"

Other things you can think of.

Most of all, try to keep it positive and affirming!

~ sassylidge

Our user pic is created by anterastilis - Thank you!