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Baby stuff [Mar. 7th, 2006|11:36 am]
You, too, can be a Granola Woman


Okay, so I wanted to go totally organic for at least what I put in my kids' mouths, or as organic as possible. I've done so/so since my son started solid foods, but here's the kicker: Whole foods has a decent baby section. TJs has no baby stuff except a little burts bees. I can get some organic babyfood at Safeway, including the brand they sell at WF, but in limited amounts cus they're pushing our freind Gerber. Gerber has *some* organics now, but the finger foods are not, and everything is full of sugar. Besides, Whole Foods is too far away.

I can order some stuff online directly from Earths Best (The breand sold by both Whole foods and Safeway,) but this is getting expensive.

Long enough lead-in?

So: if anyone has recipes for cookies and the like for bebe, something like a teething biscuit that would dissolve easily, I'd love to try it. Or any other finger-foods for teethers, actually. I do have a "make your own babyfood" cookbook I plan to employ just as soon as I find which box its packed away in, but it doesn't have specific teether recipes, I don't think.

Okay, that was longwinded. TIA!